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 New Section For pointless Threads *READ*

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PostSubject: New Section For pointless Threads *READ*   Thu Nov 24, 2011 1:09 pm

the last month or so we have seen an increasing amount of rubbish threads been put up weather its threads on slating cars on dondeal or just completely pointless threads that end up in a keyboard warrior death match.. we are sick of locking threads at this stage so we have come up with this section "The Donkey Section", as yee may of gathered by now, any pointless threads put up on the main forum will now be moved to the donkey section for all to see.. noone can reply on the threads in the donkey section so best thing to do is avoid putting up pointless threads.... Wink "The Donkey Section" is located underneath the "anything and everything" forum

do "you" want to be a donkey??

thought not...



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New Section For pointless Threads *READ*
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