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 Review on a ECC supplied Competition clutch and lightweight flywheel

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PostSubject: Review on a ECC supplied Competition clutch and lightweight flywheel    Thu Apr 19, 2012 1:43 am

Origionally posted by weeJohn from TGGT.

"I took advantage of the offer John was offering for ECC to supply and fit their new Competition Clutch lightweight and a stage 4 clutch with a solid 4 puk friction plate. John recommended the solid plate for drag racing and the clutch is rated to around 350 ft/lbs torque so adequate for my set up and any expansion I plan from that.

When I got the car back I was amazed at how easy the clutch was to use, I had a TRD pressure plate fitted before and the new clutch was no heavier than that and the biting point was no where near as severe as I had feared. Its easy to drive through traffic, the solid plate gives a little shudder sometimes when moving off but that is the same as any solid plate I believe.

The biggest improvement I seen is with the flywheel. It took a few miles for the clutch to bed in and allow me to give it full beans but it was worth the wait. The engine pick up is so much improved now coming on boost, I nearly would think I have went to a smaller turbo! I had a standard flywheel with some weight skimmed off the back of it before but it never performed like this, this flywheel has a good lot of the weight removed from the outside and it tells immensly when the engine is spinning it up.

The lads at ECC did a great job in fitting it, there was a slight problem with the flywheel hitting the gearbox cover plate (the black bit that goes behind the flywheel to keep the teeth covered up) but they would not release the car until it was sorted. They used a great quality gear oil and when I checked the levels a few days later they were spot on.

If anyone is thinking of a flywheel/clutch combination I would recommend this whole heartedly, its priced well and the quality looks excellent, performance improvements match the quality as well. I prefer to do most of the work on my car myself but I would certainly return the car to ECC for further work as their experience shows in the work.

Thanks John!!
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Review on a ECC supplied Competition clutch and lightweight flywheel
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